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Recreative Activities

Tel.: +351 916639791

Web: https://rokomondo.org

Email: info@rokomondo.org

Address: Travessa da Ponte, 143 - 4820-635 Ribeiros - Fafe, Portugal

City: Fafe

Increasingly the community is sensitive to health and quality of life issues. At the same time, mountain activities have attracted more enthusiasm and interest in recent years. ROKOMONDO is born from the desire to promote a healthy lifestyle, developing mountain activities in an informal environment and adapted to all age groups. Physical exercise, fresh air, water, sun exposure, temperance, among others, are principles whose Balanced practice not only contributes to physical health, but brings relief and rest to minds overwhelmed by the demands of everyday life. These are some of the factors present in all ROKOMONDO activities. Come live this adventure with us! Visit our facebook and instagram page.

NIF: 515 942 995