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Tel.: +351 961 165 733

Web: https://www.facebook.com/Herbas-Plantas-medicinais-arom%C3%A1ticas-condimentares-1080035412054070/

Email: herbasdecha@hotmail.com

Address: Rua Ribeira de Machados, n.º 41, r/c esquerdo, 5000-469 Parada de Cunhos, Vila Real

City: Vila Real

Herbas is a company selling natural teas, with a variety of popular plant species. At the moment, we sell approximately 50 species of plants, with about 50 grams each, in cellophane bags. All of our traditional plants are carefully selected and hygienically packaged. For the maintenance of your health and well-being, we have developed a study based on scientific books and you can find in our page, which indicates the most common diseases and the respective teas that fight them. Contact us!

NIF: 188 427 279