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Educational Videos

Goodbye Diabetes

Activity Area: Diabetes and obesity

Speaker: Dr. Wes Youngberg

Youth & Healing - 2

Activity Area: Rebellious or in search of healing?

Speaker: Dr. Gary L. Hopkins

The Problem Number 1

Activity Area: Optimization of emotional intelligence

Speaker: Dr. Neil Nedley

Genetics & Healing - 2

Activity Area: (epi)genetics and health

Speaker: Dra. Heidi Schulz

Cardiovascular Exercise Basics

Activity Area: Health and lifestyle

Speaker: Dr. Ronald M. Rea

Longer & Stronger

Activity Area: Lifestart

Speaker: Dr. David De Rose

Confiança e Saúde

Activity Area: Escolha saúde (em português)

Speaker: Pr. Daniel Bastos

Alzheimer & Memory (2)

Activity Area: Alzheimer disease: prevention and reversal

Speaker: Dr. Wes Youngberg

Cancer risks

Activity Area: Cancer

Speaker: Dr. Wes Youngberg

Pr. Ted Wilson

Activity Area: Faith, hope and healing

Speaker: Dr. Ted Wilson

Healing Plants - Part 2

Activity Area: Healing properties of plants

Speaker: Dr. Winston Craig

Mental Health IV

Activity Area: Mental Illness, emotions and healing

Speaker: Dr. Neil Nedley